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Helping non-experts make sense of impact and evaluation in non-profit work with DIY solutions

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50+ one-page printables including checklists, explainers, templates and processes to help make sense of impact measurement.

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Check out all the free printables – processes, explainers, templates, checklists. If you like what you see, there are plenty more in the PDF book.

Eliminate confusion

There’s no shortage of information on impact measurement and theory out there. But how do you know what to trust? And why do definitions and frameworks seem to conflict so much?

Learn the essentials

You don’t need to a PhD in research to do impact measurement. But with so much information out there, how do you know what are the basics everyone should know and what’s just necessary for specialists?

Become an impact leader

When you’re confident in the basics, you can show others how it’s done and start gaining a reputation for being the go-to person. Being able to demonstrate impact is a skill that will never go out of demand.

DIY Solutions to help you understand, measure, demonstrate and improve your impact



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How Charity Sector Success is designed to help you


Have you lost out on funding for not demonstrating outcomes?



Do your fundraisers need more effective evidence in their marketing?



Are staff or volunteers unsure of how their work contributes to a larger goal?



Are commissioners asking you to prove success?



Do you lack the time or the financial resources to measure impact?



Are you frustrated by all the conflicting information out there?


Open the doors to access funding that you previously missed out on by demonstrating clear outcomes


Attract support from new donors, investors and funders with compelling evidence of your impact


Get the tools and resources you need in a quick and easy to use DIY format – saving time and money


Impress commissioners with credible evidence and planning on how you successfully deliver work to achieve a big impact


Unite colleagues by showing them frameworks, stories and diagrams of how their work combines to achieve an overall impact


Understand why information conflicts so much, which practices can’t be messed with and where you can tailor your approach


Whether your organisation is big or small, young or old: impact reporting is here to stay.

Charity Sector Success can help ensure you, your colleagues and your charity are focused on your impact but without the usual pain and hassle or expense.

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Hi, there. I’m Alexa.

I believe that most of what charities need to demonstrate their impact can be done in-house with the right support and guidance. 

I want to remove the false assumptions that good impact practice necessarily requires consultants or specialist staffing or expensive software.

I want to provide a way of learning about impact practice that is more sustainable than one-off training sessions or conference sessions.

Charity Sector Success provides DIY solutions that charities and non-profit workers can use to learn and implement good impact practice themselves. Most of this is done through the website and newsletter which provides free, easily-digestible resources on a monthly basis.

But for those who want to go a step further, there will be a range of products available to take you through the journey at your own pace.

Alexa Sage


Worked with 100+ charity CEOs, boards and frontline workers on their impact

Won £000,000s in funding and bids for charities

Award-winning service provider for demonstration of programme impact

Over 10 years supporting the not-for-profit sector

Perspectives as both a grant funder and grant recipient

Impact and evaluation specialist in not-for-profit work