Charity Sector Success

Helping non-experts make sense of impact and evaluation in non-profit work with DIY solutions

Are you…

A volunteer or trustee?

Launching a charity career?

An admin or manager?

Working in CSR, ESG or EDI?

A director or CEO?

Have you ever…

  • Been turned down for funding because you haven’t been able to demonstrate outcomes?
  • Been required to write an impact report but overwhelmed by where to start?
  • Had to focus on frontline work at the expense of evidencing your impact because of lack of time, money or expertise?

Do you want to help secure your charity’s future?

What Charity Sector Success is about…

Charity Sector Success gives you all the guidance, resources and templates you need to guide your organisation to success by convincing your funders, commissioners, donors, partners and supporters of your charity’s invaluable impact.

  • No unnecessary consultants needed
  • No expensive software required
  • No specialist staffing necessary

You will have a solid understanding of the essential skills and knowledge needed to deliver great impact practice.


Simple, easy-to-use, one-stop solutions to all your impact measurement problems.

What you’ll get when you sign up…

  • Tonnes of free resources direct your inbox every month
  • First dibs on any DIY online products or programmes when they launch
  • A privacy guarantee – your information will not be shared


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